Dear Friend,
Thank you so much for your interest in supporting our family. By the grace of God, we are in our 28th year of full-time family ministry. It is supporters like you who keep us going month-to-month. Your support helps in several ways: it helps us meet budget when the calendar is slow due to the economy; it allows us to go to smaller churches that may not be able to afford us otherwise; and it allows us to be available to take advantage of mission opportunities to minister to those in need. Your support is vital for our family and ministry and we can’t thank you enough for coming alongside of us. We want you to know that we understand it is hard to give, and we want to be the first to always say “Thank You”. Thank you for sacrificing yourself and your resources. Thank you for loving our family. Thank you for doing what God has called you to do. We will do our best to do what God has called us to do every day of our lives and with your help, our ministry will continue for another 28 years.

How you can support The Akins:

  • Monthly, Bi-Monthly, Quarterly

  • *(online) Use the donate button below to send in your donation. Remember, no amount is too small.

  • Request a supporter packet @
    Notify us that you would like to become a monthly, bi-monthly, or quarterly supporter.

  • Make your check out to David Akin Ministry.

  • All support given to The Akins is tax deductible.

As a thank you for becoming a monthly supporter, we will send you a copy of all of our CDs as well as a copy of each additional CD we make as soon as it comes out. As a supporter, you are a part of what God is doing through our family. May God richly bless you.

With Love,

David Akin

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