Dear Friend, If you are entering this portion of our website, I want to personally thank you for considering supporting our ministry.  God called me to sing His praises full time over 20 years ago. Soon after he called me into full time ministry, he blessed my wife Lagene and I with three sons. I prayed that God would give us something that we could do as a family so that we would not have to be separated.  God truly answered my prayer.  All three of my sons love God, play instruments, and sing His praises.  We want to continue making a difference.  Times are difficult in this economy for everyone including ministries, but with your one time gift or monthly support you can help us reach thousands of hurting people in the future.  What started as God calling me into a small solo ministry has now become a wonderful family ministry of four families that is reaching people all over the world. David Akin Ministry is a non–profit organization, therefore all financial gifts given to The Akins/ David Akin Ministry are tax deductable.  Your gift means more to our ministry than you will ever know, our prayer is that God will give it back to you many times over.  If you have any questions you can contact me at (770) 471-2233 or email me at . Thank you for your support and your prayers,

David Akin