Have you been praying that God would send a genuine, spirit-filled revival that would draw crowds of all ages; a revival that would not end just because the week is over?

I would like to introduce you to The Akins, an anointed ministry made up of a father and his three sons. The Akins have a special way of ministering to your people on stage and off with their musical talent and ministry-minded hearts. Their style of music has the unique ability to appeal to people of every age. During a revival, your people will genuinely be excited about a week filled with spirit-filled music and messages—excited enough to invite family and friends.

Off stage, The Akins seek to minister personally to the hearts of your members before, during, and after services. The Akins understand that ministry is not sparked by just entertaining from a stage. It's kindled over meals, in conversations, and in time spent with church members.

The Akins end every revival with a full length concert, drawing crowds that might not normally attend a regular church service. If you have almost given up on having revivals, consider giving The Akins a chance. Their unique music and message is a fresh take on an old tradition.

- Mike Gibbs
Senior Pastor
Wesleyan Drive Baptist Church, Macon, GA

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